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Quality of service provided to heart surgery patients of the Single Health System-SUS

Juliana Bassalobre Carvalho BorgesI; Sebastião Marcos Ribeiro de CarvalhoII; Marcos Augusto de Moraes SilvaIII

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382010000200008

1. PhD Program in Surgery at the Postgraduate General Surgery of the FMB/UNESP; University Professor of the Physiotherapy Course at UNESP - Marília/SP and the Faculty of Alta Paulista - Tupa/SP. 2. Doctor, University Professor, Head of the Department of Biostatistics, consultant FAMEMA - Marília/SP and Professor UNESP - Marília/SP. 3. Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor in charge of Cardiovascular Surgery, Department of Surgery and Orthopedics of FMB-UNESP.
Juliana Bassalobre Carvalho Borges Rua Venâncio de Souza, 422 CEP: 17514-072, Bairro Aeroporto, Marília, SP, Brasil E-mail:
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