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Homage: Dr. Itacir Arlindo Franceschini (February 28, 1940 - September 27, 2009)

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382010000200025

The Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (BJCVS) pays homage to Dr. Itacir Arlindo Franceschini, who died on September 27, 2009. One of the pioneers of cardiovascular surgery in the Federal District, Dr. Itaci always stood out for his dedication to the specialty and services to the Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, since its foundation.

Just under a month before his death, he was honored, on August 29 in Brasília by BSCVS (Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery), represented by President, Dr. Gilberto Barbosa, and Dr. Luiz Carlos Schimin. Plaques and certificates of appreciation were awarded on behalf of all cardiovascular surgeons in Brazil. Attendees included family members, teammates, and friends, surgeons and cardiologists from Brasilia. Dr. Franceschini thanked, touched, the memory of his entire career.

Dr. Barbosa, president of BSCVS, and Dr. Itacir, during the tribute in Brasilia
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