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Perioperative variables of ventilatory function and physical capacity in heart transplant patients

Christian Correa CoronelI; Solange BordignonII; André Dias BuenoIII; Lidia Lucas LimaIV; Ivo NesrallaV

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382010000200010

1. Physiotherapist; Coordinator of the Residency Program in Physiotherapy in Cardiology at IC/FUC. 2. PhD in Medicine (Cardiology); Cardiologist Physician at University Foundation of Cardiology. 3. Specialist in Cardiovascular Physiotherapy; Professor at Centro Universitário La Salle. 4. Graduation in Nursery and Obstetrics; Nurse at University Foundation of Cardiology. 5. Full Professor; Cardiovascular Surgeon. President-Director of the Cardiology Institute of Rio Grande do Sul/University Foundation of Cardiology
Christian Correa Coronel Av. Princesa Isabel, 370, Santana Porto Alegre/RS - Brasil. CEP: 90620-000 E-mail:
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