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DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382009000500027

We have received a copy of the book "The Clinical Anatomy of The Coronary Arteries - An Anatomical Study on 100 Human Heart Dissections" (Enciclopedica - Bucharest - 2009), written by the Rumanian cardiovascular surgeon Horia Muresian, MD and PhD with vast experience in the area. His work is comprised of 192 pages that include 11 chapters with 5 appendixes, 16 tables and 50 figures, including 86 images of hearts.

The book is indicated to specialists in heart diseases, residents and graduate students, and it is the result of the clinical and surgical experience of Dr. Muresian acquired through studies in 100 human hearts. An extensive review of literature complements the text, providing easy access to up-to-date information in coronary arterial anatomy and physiology in sane or ill organs. It also includes data on cardiac development, congenital heart diseases, coronary anomalies among other topics, with clinical and surgical usage.

The book shall soon be available on virtual outlets such as Amazon and CTSNet Bookstore. The author can be contacted at:

The book contains comprehensive material and is vastly illustrated
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