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Cor triatriatum with mitral insufficiency and atrial fibrillation in a 36-year-old man

Renato BRAULIOI; Cláudio Léo GELAPEII; Carlos Camilo Smith FIGUEROAIII; Antônio Luiz Pinho RIBEIROIV

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382007000200020

1. Resident surgeon - MEC; Cardiovascular surgeon 2. PhD in surgery; cardiovascular surgeon, Coordinator of medical residence in cardiovascular surgery of Hospital das Clínicas da UFMG. 3. Full member of BSCVS, ex-professor of UFMG, Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Services of Hospital Felício Rocho and Hospital das Clínicas of UFMG. 4. PhD in medicine, Professor of UFMG, Head of the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Department do Hospital das Clínicas of UFMG, Vice-director of Hospital das Clínicas of UFMG.
Renato Bráulio. Serviço de Cardiologia e Cirurgia Cardiovascular do Hospital das Clínicas da UFMG. Av. Prof. Alfredo Balena, 110 / 5º andar - Santa Efigênia - Belo Horizonte, MG - CEP: 30130.100
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